A Novices Guide to Texas Hold’em Poker

A Novices Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker

Frequently known as Hold’em, it is presently one of the most frequently played Poker games in the world. Every poker room in the world has its own variation of the game. However, Texas Hold’em Poker, though the most popular poker happens to be the best known. You can visit any of internet’s poker rooms and choose to play with other online players or play among the human players.

Games for Texas Hold’em: Like other poker games Texas Hold’em Poker is played with a 52 card deck. All the cards except the ace are ranked the same way they are in poker. An ace is a special card in poker. It can be as high or low as the number four.Five cards make up the poker hand which is in the highest or lowest category.

The third generation of poker games involves more cards and more rounds of betting. Due to this the poker hand which is in the highest category can change some times during the game and all the betting rounds are followed in their sequence.

The fourth generation of Texas Hold’em is the 5-8-10 strategy. This is more of a human player strategy. The basic rule in this strategy is that you will not have many strong hands. Hence, it is better to play with a smaller number of cards. The sequence of this game is that the low hand and the high hand are played in the turn while the middle and the small hand are played in the river.

Apart from this strategy there are many other poker strategies that play different roles in this kind of poker game. The thing is that you should first understand the purpose of each strategy before you can use it effectively during the game.

Middle and late positions: The position of the player at the left side of the dealer is known as the ‘friendliest’ position in poker. This position offers many benefits. One of the benefits is that you are in ‘early position’ before dealing the cards. ‘Early position’ plays a key role in poker because ‘you get to see how other players act’.

People in later positions can play cautious and strong hands while players in the earlier positions can play with weaker hands and raise.

Cards guidance: You receive two cards face down (Pokerace99) and five cards face up.

Play begins with the small blind and the dealer. The action starts with the person sitting to the left of the big blind. This is the basic action and the thing you should know from this action. The betting starts with the person left to the big blind either opening, checking, raising or folding.

The flop: The flop is the round in which the first card is dealt. The authenticity of the cards is tested. If the person has the perfect pair of cards then you are said to have the winning hand. If no one has a perfect hand then the same situation applies to the draw.

The turn: With the turning card the situation is reassumed to the other players. Only one card is dealt with the expectation that it will go to the flop. Then the betting starts again with the person left to the dealer.

The River: The final card is dealt and there is one more round of betting.

The showdown: If several players are left in the game then a showdown is held. This is the most important stage of the game. The player having the best hand has to show his cards. If several players have hands of the same type then the pot is split.