A Review of the 96″ Texas Holdem Table With Raceway

A Review of the 96" Texas Holdem Table With Raceway

The 96″ Holdem Table with Raceway poker table has got stunning looks. Let us review the 96″ Holdem Table with Raceway and find out more about this table.

The 96″ Holdem Table with Raceway is a kind of table that if you are a passionate poker player in look for a good gaming table that will surely make you feel the same excitement that you have when you are playing at a real casino. This casino grade table has a professional grade construction like the one seen in television, but at a much more durable price.

The table has a heavy chromed steel footrest which further adds to the looks of the table. You can easily carry this table. The table also has a money slot and a box of chips at the center. Apart from its looks, the table is also quite durable and can go on for many years if maintained well. This table can be used in the gameroom as much as it can go on the tables. The table even has a dealer tray for the dealer to keep the chips, drinks and whatever other supplies you require.

The table also has a luxurious cushioned armrest that circles the table on both X and Y directions. As a jayapoker player you will find this to be very comfortable, especially for long sessions. It should be possible to get a good gaming table for your home or even for a different type of players. You can now play with your friends without worrying about a thing. A great table for this is the 96″ Holdem Table w/ Raceway.

This table comes complete with a felt playing area, pre-marker, two decks of cards and a bigHead. The cup holders are conveniently located at the ends of the table. As a result you will not have to spend the extra money for a marker. I might not sound important, but it can make a big difference in terms of your friends and the way you play the game.

And now for the price. This table starts at $400. However, if you feel that this is a little high, you can get the table for less and save some money. You can also get other poker tables that are good for less money. You can check out at Home Depot or at any large discount store. These places have a lot of smaller plastic tables, tables that are more price savvy.

You can also find good deals on the web. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can always find a great deal. You can also find a great cleaning service if you plan to change the table felt. If you mechanics can do it, they can clean it for less than the price of the table. And if you don’t have the space for it, or the budget, the 96″ Holdem Table w/ Raceway is a great alternative.

96″ Holdem Table w/Raceway Tabletop

If you are starting out with a poker table, you can get the extra wide green felt for less than $10 per square foot on the internet. Getting a good table can be a challenge, but these cheap tables will make it much easier. These tables are great for the church or private clubs, and people often feel that they are too big for the church fundraiser, but the 500 11.5g Dice Striped TriColor Poker Chip holders on each side make this table look huge.

The harnesses are chrome plated instead of plastic. You can also get them in black or red, but note that the chips are not included. These stakes come with a durable carrying case to carry your daubers, chips, and everything else you need to host a poker game.

And if you’re really creative you can also buy the entire table, including the door hardware, the file, and instructions. You can spend as little or as much as you want on this table. Last, but not least, is the light weight weight chair. This makes it easy to set up anywhere, and easy to take down as well.

Custom Poker Covers

If you just want to spruce up your game and make some money, you can get a nice poker cover that will surely make the game that much better. First, you have the confidentiality. Who would invite their friends over and have secrets? That would be a detrimental idea! Plus, no one wants their partner showing up with extra of their secrets.

So why not buy yourself some poker equipment and discard the old one? Place this one on the side and have some class. It will definitely make the game that much better. You might even be able to find a used table at a discount store. Good luck!