What Is a Freeroll Poker Tournament?

If you are new to on-line poker then the first thing you may want to do is check out some of the larger freeroll tournaments. These are tournaments which are free to play and have no entrance fee. Some of the most well known sites advertise these as “No Deposit Freerolls” or “Free Poker Rooms” or “Free Money” and as far as we can tell they are all the same.

A freeroll tournament is when a poker room award a prize to the tournament entrants without charging a membership fee or fee to enter. The complaint against these tournaments is that the poker rooms place a time constraint on the contestants’ chance of winning or earning a coveted prize. During this time a player must either win enough hands by investing a lot of time at the poker room’s freeroll games or the poker room will add more players and their time constraint will not be possible.

Some of the most well known sites for freerolls are Carbon Poker, PokerRoom, Bodog Poker, All Poker Card. There are many others which also offer freeroll tournaments. The reason why a lot of poker rooms offer these tournaments is that they make money whilst allowing people to try out their poker games. These tournaments attract a large number of poker enthusiasts who want to master the game for the chance of winning competing in a tournament for a prize.

Some of the reasons why freeroll tournaments are so popular include:

  1. Freerolls are inexpensive.
  2. Because they are inexpensive, you can participate without risking a great deal of your own money.
  3. You can play a greater number of poker combinations than in a tournament.
  4. You can concentrate on improving your game strategy and tactics, whilst facing fewer players.
  5. You can practise the tactics and other areas of your poker game without the pressure of the real competition.
  6. Freerolls allow game variations.
  7. Tournaments can have a one-time fee.
  8. You can participate in more than one tournament at a time.

The major drawback of a freeroll tournament is that the field is generally very small. In a 2 player friendly game, when you first enter the tournament, you have about a 50% chance of remaining in the game. In the case of a 6 handed table, you have an approximately around 50% chance of remaining. When you first start the tournament, your chances of surviving are not good anyway, but if you survive, you have a good chance of winning first place.

Over the last few years I have played in many, many poker tournaments. I can say without doubt that for the majority of players, the most important aspect of any tournament is not the actual playing, but rather what happens before you play. In other words, what are your chances of surviving, and how do you handle yourself when it comes to actually making money in the tournament. These two factors are usually Notational Coincidence when dealing with the elements of Being Card Dead, or Being Cash Dead.

Being Card Dead is when you have just one picture card, any picture card, or when all the picture cards were dealt out. These are the sorts of Sets of Hands that sit on a Tight Aggressive player, or a Loose Passive player, or even an Aggressive Passive player. The thing is, for the Tight Passive player, it could be a Long Runuces Staked Roller (maybe 8 or 9 con paintings against his Main Set of Hands) who has just hit the Big Blind with main set of hands. The only real way to deal with him is to let him do his thing. Not that he will necessarily make a big mistake, he just might, so, unless you have something like pocket aces, you really are better off just stating, or not really playing the hand at all, and letting him play for himself.

Being Cash Dead, on the other hand, is when you have nothing in your hand, unless it is a situation where you can get, at least, a pair. A Cash Dead Hand is very vulnerable to Blind Stealers. The thing about Cash Dead Hands, is that, generally, you want to steal their blinds, not their pots. The thing about a Cash Dead Hand, is that the very fact that it is Cash will cause your opponents to punish you more for trying to steal.

Being Near The Money

If you are sitting just a few hands away from the money, you might not want to be in the action as much, or you might be trying to figure out what it would take to be in the money, with several players around. Having a small stack is a Common Poker Mistake that can big chip your bankroll.