Don’t Learn to Play Sit and Go Poker Until You Learn the Nguyen Wrong

Don't Learn to Play Sit and Go Poker Until You Learn the Nguyen Wrong

You can learn a lot of things on how to play sit and go poker. Some of the best tips on how to play sit and go poker are in the form of emailed tips that can actually be sent right to your email. But if you still don’t know how to play sit and go poker the only thing you will do is lose money and your precious time. Why not follow the right instructions from the start and everything will fall into place?

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between a full table and a short table. Under the gun (first to act) in a 9 player sit and go are full of good players. They know the game and they have enough money to take the same money you are trying to steal. They will push all in no matter with any hand as they know they are getting the right odds and their money is not really at stake. Waiting for pocket Aces is not a wise choice as it commonly causes many players to fold immediately instead of making a stand.

In a short table you can see more flops and everyone is compensating based on the amount of their stack. The same hand may be a winner at a short table but it could also lose at a full table and there are many other factors to think about. The idea is to keep folding until you hit a hand and then aggressively bet. The first thing you need to learn is how to play pre-flop. It’s key to learning how to play sit and go poker that you should not learn to play blind. Why? Because you will lose more money blind then if you play blind.

What to do instead is to learn to play pot limit and hand limit. If you are comfortable at a pot limit table you can work on your game at a short table. If you are comfortable at a hand limit table you can work on your game at a short table. Both types of tables are the same, just different places to find the game. I know what you are thinking, this is going to be way too confusing, hear me out.

First, you need to take note of the players at the table. When you are playing a full table, you want to try and target the players to your right, trying to take their chips. The reason for this is that they are less likely to play with you because they don’t know you or your play. Players at the table are well aware of how to take chips and also the chances that you have them. It’s much more difficult to take chips from players that are seated to your right, than it is from other players seated to your left.

Once you have the players you are targeting, target them based on their style of play. Are they the tight players? Are they the looser players? If you can inhabit the middle, you will be very hard to beat. reside at the table with the tight players and play them with your low pocket pairs, you will most likely beat them. The looser players are the ones you want to target. The reason is that if you beat them, you take their chips, and they are not likely to fight you. You should aim to be there at their blind and they are likely to be sitting on there.

Are you aware of any of this crazy face? Sure, you have read about all of this crazy bird strategy before. Yes indeed I have read that many times. One more thing, do you remember that anybody can win the WSOP? Yes, I assure you, anybody can win the WSOP. You may not win the WSOP every time, but you can win the most prestigious tournament of them all once in a while. The name of the game is to be the best at your job, my friend. Tell you what, I do. I’m sure I can hack checkers here and there, I can mange to keep my stack healthy enough not to go broke, and I know enough to walk away from the roller coaster quite enjoying my time.

DewaGG poker takes a little bit of time to learn how you can play. Oh yes, you can learn the basic, base your poker play on a bit of knowledge or by experience. But, you can learn a bit of advanced strategy, too. It all depends on the players you sit with and the situation you are in, but if you learn how to play properly you will be on your way to rolling in the dough. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to win, you know. You basically start off playing like a chap, play tight, play experienced, look for easy lay-downs, and you will come out a winner.