How to Play Online Roulette Games Wisely

How to Play Online Roulette Games Wisely

One must always caution himself when playing any game especially roulette. Being well acquainted with this game gives you great chances of winning as you have higher chances of winning than any other game. Roulette is a game of fortune so you can’t win unless you luck out.Now you can be thinking that it’s a very advantageous concept, but in reality this game is purely a game of chance. For example, the ball can land on any slot, and in fact chances are very high as there are 37 or 38 slots on a wheel, and most of the time there are only one or two slots with the best odds.

On the other hand, most of the online roulette games available offer you some of the best techniques when it comes to roulette. Some of these techniques can even make the game a lot of fun. But nevertheless, in order to best win this game, we need to find out the strategies that will work for us.

If you are a new beginner, the best game that you can start with is the European roulette. The reason for this is the game has only one zero slot, whereas the American roulette which has an extra space in the roulette track has two zero slots. So in this game, you have greater chances of winning as compared with the American roulette.

How you can play European Roulette:

When you begin to play with a European roulette game, you have to begin by placing money on the inner track and you can earn comp points which provide you with some rewards. You have to earn a certain number of points for each spin and in order to get the highest number of points, you have to place the bet on the longest track.

For instance, if you start by placing £1 bet on ‘0’, £1 bet on ’00’ and £1 bet on ‘1’, you will get a payout of £8 and in case you keep on generating £1 bet after 11 spins, you will get a payout of £9. So, making a bet on 0 or the 00 will get you a 35 points, whereas making a bet on the 00 and the penny slots will get you a 35 plus a one dollar bonus.

Making use of the special symbols while playing online roulette games:

The special symbols have their specific values in the game of roulette. The main table allows you to bet on letters, numbers, group numbers, color and odd or even. If the roulette table is divided into rows and columns, you have to place your bet in the area of the table closest to therow/column of your choice.

In playing online roulette, you have to click the bet field to add the amount of chips you want to bet, which is adjacent to the now-bottomed ” placard”.

In order to make a bet, you have look at the contents of your contents box and click on the “spin” tab. This gives you one more chance to place your bet and ensure that you have correctly placed your bet.

Roulette bet can be placed:

Mega88 game can be played in both American and European roulette versions. In American roulette, your bet is made on a single number, it increments in multiples of the wheel’s numbers, e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24. By default, the wheel will bet on a number and you will win if and when the number is either black or red, but you can place your bet on any of the 36 numbers on the wheel.

A game of roulette is associated with the spinning of a wheel with the ball at the end of it. The roulette game is played by placing the bets in the “inside” betting area. You can bet on a number, two numbers, three numbers, four numbers, five numbers, six numbers, seven numbers, eight numbers, nine numbers, ten numbers, or twelve numbers.

You can also place your bet on the outside area in which are placed in the four directions of the wheel. The outside area is sometimes called as the “infrastructures” of the wheel. These are the areas in which you can bet on the numbered pockets, the “0” and the “00”.

In European roulette, the betting options are different. In this game, players have to place their bets in the areas outside the grid. They can also bet on the Lawrence connection by placing their chips in the boxes marked 1, 0, and 18. To select your betting area, you have to click on the boxes of the numbers that have appear on the machine.

You can also bet on the color of the pockets and how it will turn out.